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It's been quite the task but we're finally inching closer and closer to the next phase in this projects development. There will be a lot of changes from the current version of alpha from UI to gameplay and in-game currency. See below for a high-level list of features that we're planning on releasing in this next phase.

  • New character customization screen and features

  • Questing System (Story and Daily quests)

  • New Zone - Island of Dawn

  • New Dungeon - Temple of Korr

  • Blocking ability

  • Level up EXP system

  • Minigames (events system)

  • Prestige Currency

  • Player Ranking System

  • Cash shop (for testing, no real purchases)

  • Inventory System (including new items)

  • Sparring Leaderboards and ranking

  • PC Client (Steam release will be delayed)

  • Mobile Client

  • UI overhaul and new menu systems

  • Chat system overhaul

We're excited for the next chapter in this project. If you'd like to participate you can sign up for an account in-game. Please use our discord channel for action game discussions or for more information and to report bugs.

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